Sunday, March 31, 2024

Get To The Point. No Dilly-Dally.

A quick Google search to find the meaning of the word point led to the Merriam Webster Dictionary. Here are a few definitions: an individual detail, a distinguishing detail, the most important essential in a discussion or matter, an end or object to be achieved, a particular place.


Technology is on the move. It’s here to bamboozle and trick the devil out of us. We now find ourselves in a world where information is easily accessible, and where people are left to research things for themselves. Having fewer and shorter conversations with real people. 

There is a trend which has caught on in this world of confusion, learning and unlearning. People are  direct and deliberate in sharing words and sentences in the shortest time and manner. They abbreviate almost everything that they care to share or say: LOL, OMG, WTF, BFF, LMAO, YOLO, IRL, DWL, and many more. Some of us will struggle with their meanings while others find them to be a breeze. Easy!

In days gone by a visit by a family friend or relatives, led to conversations that were engaging and interesting. They were never eager to end the conversations. Conversations had a right to run their course even as one topic led to the next. Talkative people were never referred to as long winded. As a matter of fact to some of us they were viewed as intelligent, and had the gift of gaining the attention of their audiences. We were keen on hearing all details even if it required two days to do so.

Fast forward to today, everything has become microwave or minimal. Products have become mediocre and are of poor quality. Listening to the details of a conversation has become difficult. Some people are easily bored by details and explanations. They yawn often and twist and turn their bodies, becoming fidgety and nonparticipating. While it remains the right of a human to receive contents in whatever way or however little they want, the behavior, to some people, is no doubt viewed as disrespectful.

It’s the twenty-first century and each day as the years go by, I have observed that most people are more interested in the beginning and climax of a conversation than the middle. Busy people, especially, who fancy the statement “time is money”, would rather have an individual get to the point as fast as they can, in any matter or conversations. It is with hope that busy people will figure out the details, which can be of ultimate importance.

Tah-tah!  Keep conversations short, and to the point. 

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2024

Saturday, December 30, 2023

How You Wear Your Lipstick Is Your Own Personal Preference

A Google search on the definition of lipstick is: Colored cosmetics applied to the lips from a small solid stick.


There are many shades of lipstick, some of which are with the pastels and darker groups. However, none is quite as popular and controversial as red.  And it doesn’t matter if it’s cherry red, wine red, apple red, burgundy red, brick red, or red red, the fact remains that red is the most smooched and smacked.

Secret despise for lipstick

In everything promising, there can be dislikes, like and love. Or, even setbacks and disappointments. There are definitely some ladies who are not fond of lipsticks. Some see lipstick wearing as ungodly, secular, seductive and vulgar. On the other hand some men despise lipstick for what they see as a good reason. And it’s not that they are God fearing. They are mostly the cheaters and adulterers in society. Because on close contact with a wearer, lipstick stains can be telling.

Lip size, shape, and cupid’s bow

Some lips are thin, some are full, and some are pursed. Observing all the lips, there are some that are full on the bottom and none showing on the top. Nevertheless, lipsticks of all shades are applied to those lips by lovers of lipstick. A toothy smile will at times reveal that a touch of lipstick goes beyond the lips.

The people with a pronounced cupid’s bow sometimes ignore the details when applying their lipsticks. One straight line from one corner of the lip to the next is all that matters.  No highlighting of curves and dips. 

Lipstick enhances beauty

For some people, lipstick is the sole and perfect cosmetic or makeup to enhance beauty. Lipstick is the sun of the face. It grabs attention. 

Various ways to wear lipstick

A person has a right to choose. And the lipstick wearer is no different. They are free to wear their lipsticks anyhow, anytime, anywhere.  The lips have been a canvas for eons. These days the methodical applications of the lipstick seem to be chasing a path with technology. Some people have become creative and are wearing lipsticks to present a checkered look. Some people section their lips and apply different shades of lipsticks.  Any fashion or style that floats their boat is welcome and amazing. 

Lipstick on the bottom lip only

More baby boomers are staying away from the old and popular belief that it's classy to apply lipstick to the bottom lip only. This long time hand-me-down rule must have been instituted by the female tea drinkers who wore pillbox hats, and lace or satin gloves to garden parties.  Especially the ones who drank from their cups with the pinkies sticking out. LOL. It's a hearty laugh from me. Having freed myself from such a rule is rewarding. I have two lips, one mouth, and I am all about plastering my two lips with some hot red lipstick, my favorite among all the other colors.

So, how are you wearing your lipstick? 

Tah-tah!  The choice is yours. 

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2023

Friday, September 29, 2023

Go To H E 2 Sticks and H To The No...Generation Principles In Tow

Mirriam-Webster Dictionary online defines hell as: a nether world in which the dead continue to exist : Hades | the nether realm of the devil and the demons in which condemned people suffer everlasting punishment often used in curses | or as a generalized term of abuse | a place or state of misery, torment, or wickedness | a place or state of turmoil or destruction | a severe scolding | unrestrained fun or sportiveness | an extremely unpleasant and often inescapable situation.


What the hell! The definition of hell seems to have no end to it. And so are the debates about its location.  Theologians, pastors, congregants and even the inebriated speak about hell in an everlasting manner. Hell, according to them, is the ultimate punishment for disobedient people. People will be cast into a lake of fire if bios are not up to scratch in God’s sight. Even the tiniest theft can qualify one for a spot in hell. Take time to recall the many times, at home, you stole syrup from the bottle in the cabinet and then replace the amount you stole with water. All done to trick your parents into believing that the syrup had remained untouched. But before we all panic about going to hell, we must first find out if hell really exists outside of the daily hardships that we experience.

The word hell used in different ways

Hell is a popular and convenient word for some people. They are hooked on using it. A person will use it to express their mood, likes and current situation such as: I am going through hell. I am having a hell of a time trying to study.  I look like hell.  I like the hell out of that dress she is wearing. The manager at work is giving me hell. To hell with Jack if he doesn’t understand what I mean. And there are times when few people will use the word hell to threaten others. For example: It will be hell to play if I don’t get paid the full amount owed to me. Also, some people will boldly tell others that they are ugly like hell.  Among all the hell talks, I have observed the selective behavior of the christian person. Hell only becomes a part of their language when the topic is about God. I speculate that because of the information given about the reputation of hell and its fiery lake, Christians have refrained from using it otherwise. Hell is just hell. All words can be used to represent good no matter how filthy they are. However, if it’s one's desire to spend eternity in heaven with God, it's best to abandon hell and it's attractions. Because I am sure some people will want to arrive in heaven with squeaky clean mouths. Mint fresh and righteous.

The fear of the word hell

Looking back over the years, for as long as I can recall, hell has lived up to its qualities. It’s a hellish word. Fiery! It’s a taboo word. It’s a curse word. I recall as a child the adults around would reprimand any child who uttered the word hell. The adults too were afraid to let it escape them in the presence of peers and children. They feared hell more than they feared God. Spelling the word hell was a better choice to them. And here’s how they would spell it and use it if they were angry with someone: Go to h-e-2 sticks! Although that is the situation, there are times when hell is viewed as a darling word by the people reporting about the great time that they had at an event or on a romantic date. From their lips to their audience, but certainly not God's ear, they joyfully say: I had a hell of a time. 

Hell used as a curse word

Mind your manners with the word hell.  And it doesn’t matter the generation. It’s just one of those words that gives the creeps. I am a Baby Boomer and I grew up knowing that it can also be a curse word.  My parents generation knew that too. People obviously feared using it as a curse word rather than its connection with fire.  We are now in the 21st century and if anyone is in disbelief that it's a curse word, just listen to the now generation and how they incorporate it into what they have to say. They also fear pronouncing it.  All the generations after Baby Boomers are in fear of saying this word aloud. Unlike Baby Boomers the later generations are not into writing out words. They are true minimalists in all they do. Less is best. They embrace acronyms, especially: WTF, OMG, LOL IDC, and  YOLO. So it would be difficult for them to write the word hell in full. Their style is H (hell). And when they are in a defiant state they will write or say: H To The No.  Whereas, Baby Boomers remain committed to: h-e-2 sticks (hell).

Hell, yes! 

Tah-tah!  Respect the respect legacies.

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2023

Thursday, June 15, 2023

104 Year-Old Ms. Adlyn’s Secret For Longevity: Eating Good Yams, Praying and Believing In God

A google search revealed a few definitions for the word age. Here are two: 1). One of the stages of life. 2). The length of an existence extending from the beginning to any given time.


I have heard about people living beyond 100 years of age but to personally know one brings me joy and honor. So on the morning of June 2, 2023, it was befitting of me to telephone Ms. Adlyn, and wish her a Happy 104 Birthday. Her voice was chirpy. And in that moment, I couldn’t evade my thoughts of the John Chewit birds roaming the village of Grass Piece on the island of Jamaica. Hearing Ms. Adlyn’s voice in that chirpy manner was the overture to my day. And adding to that, I do believe that the sweet chirps and melodies of birds set the tone for the day ahead.

Ms. Adlyn’s Secret For Longevity 

Immediately after conveying my birthday greeting to Ms. Adlyn, the first thing I extracted from her was her secret for longevity. And without hesitation she expressed that it is her strong belief in God, praying, and eating the good yams. And I had no doubt to disbelieve her. Because I have had my own experiences with yams over the years. She mentioned a few yams: yellow, St. Vincent, taw/toi, mozilla, white, negro, renta and yampie. The yellow yam over the years has been her favorite, revealing how nice it is. In a nutshell Ms. Adlyn implied that eating the right foods are conducive to good health. And I certainly endorse that without hesitation.


Place Of Birth 

Ms. Adlyn Bernard-Smith who hails from the island of Jamaica, currently resides in the United States of America. She was born June 2, 1919 in Mons District, Maidstone P.O. which is located in the Don Figuerero Mountains and in the parish of Manchester. In some instances the spelling of this mountain is written as “Don Figueroa Mountains”. People have battled over the spellings but one thing they cannot battle about is the physical appearance of the mountains: verdant, cool, tranquil, and mesmerizing. Somewhere in history the mountains in the Maidstone area were referred to as maidens’ breasts because of their shapes. The mountains remain a farmer’s delight or even to the random mongoose dashing across a path without warning.

Member of Nazareth Moravian Church 

While Ms. Adlyn lived in Jamaica, she was an ardent church goer and a member of the Nazareth Moravian Church. And to this day, I cannot understand why boys and girls didn’t sit together. Boys sat in pews on one side of the aisle and girls on the other. 

I recall Ms. Adlyn’s leadership role at church within the women’s fellowship group. She was extremely dedicated to the cause. She also helped to prepare the Holy Communion table. And God forbid the tough love that was hurled at the ladies who weren’t dressed properly to receive communion. They were expected to be dressed in white, looking like a band of angels. People back in the day swore that white was synonymous with angels, pure and holy. I too was a part of that band of angels. I went into the throng at age 14 more so to experience bread and wine. Looking back I had no clue what I was doing. At this point, I just want to make it clear that the onus to discipline the communion-ladies didn’t only rest with Ms. Adlyn. There were other prominent church members who were tasked to reprimand and counsel those who had fallen out of line, regarding the rules for Holy Communion.


The Moravian Church was a stickler for education.  The schools they governed stood as testimonies. The Nazareth Primary School was one such school. And believe it or not, Ms. Adlyn was one of the community members who sat on the parent-teacher board. The Moravians were also adamant about cultivating good discipline and manners. And frankly when it comes to that there were many people at church and within the community who watched us like a hawk, ready to swoop down on us and give us a good scolding. This reminds me of the saying: It takes a village to raise a child.


At church, Ms. Adlyn wore many hats, pun intended. She sang in the choir and she taught Sunday School. She was one of the ladies who had the authority to handle the girls who noisily rolled out sweetie/candy from its wrapper or misbehaved in any other way. A child caught taking a nap during worship would be interrupted because such relaxation was viewed as poor conduct. The expected practice at church is: people gather in the house of the Lord to worship and not sleep and snore. Furthermore, sometimes children break wind as the body relaxes, and as children our first reaction is to giggle. So it’s not hard to figure what happened at church in those moments of disturbance.

I still laugh about such occurrences and wonder how Ms. Adlyn and the other women of strong faith had kept a straight face during the mini explosions. And the truth is such situations always take place when the church is dead silent, except for the minister’s voice from the pulpit. In all of that, one thing that was guaranteed to keep us under control, and that was a stern look. It has been categorized as a nonverbal reprimand. And by all accounts it was used by Ms. Adlyn and others. In those days a misbehaved child responded well to a stern look. It made us cower, be on our Ps and Qs. Because although we were children, whenever the stern voice of an adult was directed at us it had us feeling embarrassed. To wag the index finger at a naughty child was also an effective nonverbal reprimand. 


At church, there were times when the stern stares directed at a fidgety child: boy or girl, lacked acceptance. In short the child is a repeat offender. So the best way to handle that child was to remove them from their seat and place them in full view of a female or male helper, for the remainder of the worship exercise. And to clarify the label “helper” as was used in the Moravian Church, when I compare it with the labels used in other denominations, the female helper is a deaconess and the male a deacon. In my adult life misbehaving moments, I refer to them as pastors’ bouncers.


The 104 year old Ms. Adlyn was a self employed seamstress. She custom designed garments on request. Customers told her the styles they desired or wanted and she delivered to their joy and gratitude. I will always remember the church dresses, and dresses that we called frocks, and school uniforms she had sewn for my sisters and I. We wore them until they became dusting cloth, rags, doormats, knee rests, bedding for bed wetters, and rubbing-cloth to shine the floors. That’s what we did back in the day. We recycled items in our own way. 

Ms. Adlyn's Children

Ms. Adlyn is the mother of four beautiful and well mannered children: three daughters and one son. The girls are Pauline, Lina and Jacqueline. Ms. Adlyn’s son, Howard Dunkley, was my brother. We shared the same father. Sadly, Howard died in 2004 from the effects of Hurricane Ivan. We miss him, dearly. And guess what; he was a farmer of humble means who produced the best eating yams. GOOD YAMS! 

Faculties Intact 

Ms. Adlyn remains a respected citizen of the Maidstone community and surrounding villages in Jamaica. The same has been said of her where she resides in the United States of America. Those of us who have had recent conversations with Ms. Adlyn will readily admit that she still has all her faculties intact. Her wealth of knowledge is massive. She also has a great sense of humor. She joins in bible study and prayer meetings with her family and others via zoom. She does her search for word puzzle every day. And it's important to her to watch the news reports. She is also a fan of Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court. Ms. Adlyn at this point has become an inspiration and more to many of us.

Happy birthday Ms. Adlyn! May you continue to prosper and glow.

Tah-tah!  Longevity is a privilege denied to many. Therefore enjoy each moment as they come. They are precious.

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2023

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

God's Pharmacy: Psalm 91 For Depression. Is It True?

One definition given for the Bible after performing a google search is: a book made up of the writings accepted by Christians as coming from God.


The Bible has become one of the most controversial and talked about books in the 21st century. Allegations of scribbling on aged paper, walls and stones are linked to the Bible instead of other books. People who do not own a copy of the Bible will impressively quote or recite parts of it during a conversation. It’s a fact that the public has a peculiar way of receiving information about things, beings, places and situations. Hence, the contents of the Bible are no different. And now that we are living in an age of advanced technology, information has become even more accessible. The touch of a button can lead to reports of shocking revelation, false and true information, and new knowledge. 

The Bible is one of the first books

The Bible is one of the first books from which I learnt verses by rote. And had read and heard many stories to frighten and intimidate me into fearing God. I have stored, in my head, multiple lessons on how to be humble and kind. It’s a book which mentions about serpent, forbidden fruit, disobedience, sexual immorality, love, peace, war, envy, enemy, famine, hope, disguise, adultery, pride, theft, murder, angel, deception, birth, marriage, death, taxes, offerings, dreams, parables, proverbs, Satan, and a host of other things. The Bible contains words and names of people and places that are extremely difficult to pronounce. Maybe the people who are good at saying them are sanctified. Or, perhaps it requires the knowledge of several tongues to master saying those words and names. And for those of us who mispronounce the names and words, don’t be embarrassed. Be of good courage and heart. We are heaven sent for the people who are in dire need of giggles and laughter. Therefore let’s rejoice, carry on and be exceedingly glad.

Favorite Bible chapters and verses

Most followers of the Christian faith have favorite chapters and verses from the various books of the Bible. The book of Psalms is the most popular. Those who indulge will read the chapters for wellness, wealth, protection and the destruction of others. Some people will read a special chapter prior to going on a job interview or an important appointment. Others read it to cast away fears or the presence of evil spirits.. Some people pray a Psalm before indulging in medical procedures, games of chance, travel, and planting crops . Interestingly, the Bible is referred to as a sword. And it’s not strange when someone threatens another with a Psalm during an altercation. Some people have also expressed that one should be careful how they read and use the Psalms. Because the power and might in the words are enough to cause one to lose their mind if they are not grounded in God. 

God’s pharmacy and depression

I am not the brightest spark when it comes to the dynamics of the Bible or Religious Knowledge. On the other hand, I am able to hit bullseye when parts of the Bible become topics. I recall a particular social media platform carried a post about depression. From God's pharmacy, the author of the post prescribed Psalm 91 for depression. According to the author, those who were depressed, all they had to do was acknowledge the Psalm and then type Amen in the comments section. It was Amen after Amen as I scrolled through the comments. Suddenly my eyes rested on the name and profile picture of one of my relatives. I was in disbelief. I didn’t expect him to comment on such a post because he was too pretentious. Perhaps God’s word and status was a big deal to him over any other post. Or, he could be honestly depressed and believed that Psalm 91 and an Amen would heal him instead of taking the appropriate step to seek medical attention.

Bible information on Social Media 

Bible information on social media platforms is popular. There are people who use parts of the Bible to match or solidify information they share. In some instances it is my opinion that a fraction of the scriptural posts are with a hidden agenda. Some are baits. We are living in uncertain times and the authors of posts are aware that the majority of people seeking comfort or solace will respond or connect quicker to a Bible chapter or verse, than an ordinary statement or even science. An individual with health issues, who has a strong conviction in Jesus Christ, will choose to forgo a medical doctor’s appointment in lieu of a Bible passage or verse. 

Translation and interpretation of the Bible

There is no limit as to how the Bible is used and more so because all of its contents are up to translation and interpretation. People are of different understandings. They view things literally and figuratively. Some people are of the belief that Jesus walked upon the ocean and there are others who believe that he didn’t. Some believe that Jesus parted the sea and there are others who believe that it was a scientific event. Some people believe Jesus performed miracles whereas some don’t. Some people believe Jesus is three in one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit whereas others don’t.  And if one should ask me if he turned water into wine, I would say yes…with a fermented fruit juice explanation.

Pretentious people

People function on social media in the same manner as the real world. We are among the happy, sad, mischievous, comical and pretentious. The pretentious people are the most noticed on social media just like in the real world. They avoid acknowledging the post of an unrighteous friend, relative or acquaintance so as to impress and please their pastors and church going friends. In the meantime the pastor will be on all social media platforms linking with the heathens; telling them that God is good, and explaining about planting seeds and about giving tithes. The pretentious is concerned that an interaction with unrighteous people could ruin their reputation and affect their employment. To also have the notion that the Human Resource Department at any place of employment will punish employees for having a voice on social media is preposterous. I believe that a successful workplace is based on the strength of the opinions and constructive criticisms shared by their employees. Maybe the Psalm 91 social media post was a bait to expose the pretentious people. And also, could have been a blessing in disguise for those who were too proud to admit that they are depressed. 

Silent followers on social media

Are the silent followers on social media private people? Whether they are private or not they give me the creeps.  They remind me of a fly sitting on a wall making use of its most prized attribute, the compound eye. They watch everyone’s moves without uttering a word. The silent followers are calculating. They will use WhatsApp, text message or messenger to engage someone on a subject, topic, situation or thing which is a full blown discussion on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Personally, they intrude on my valuable time going private to share their opinions when they could have joined the public discussion. 

Commonsense and privacy

Inasmuch as I am a novice, when it comes to technology, commonsense tells me that if someone is seeking to have a private conversation or discussion, WhatsApp, text message and messenger are not the most private and secure mediums. Like our email accounts they can be hacked. Intruders know how to get to what they want. Privacy in an era of advanced technology is a longing. Piped dream. If a post is public, I will comment publicly. It would be hypocritical of me to discuss it behind closed doors. Why is it so difficult to be honest with ourselves? A day will perhaps come when someone will design a social media swatter for the silent followers. Or, in the future when we blink our eyes, it would hide pages and posts from those who refuse to comment or even acknowledge a post publicly. 

Choices and trust

We also live in a world where choices are available. Social media is a prime marketplace for choices. People can choose friends, like posts, remain silent or express themselves. Given that it still doesn’t eliminate the fact that some people have double standards. I recall dining at a restaurant where I overheard one lady telling another that she has two Facebook pages: One for her secular friends and the other for her church going friends. Some people are truly bogus. It is no wonder trust is no longer embraced by many people in our society. We can’t trust the slightest shadow. Not even our own.

Discernment and fine prints

At the end of the day it’s imperative to understand that a person of the Christian faith is aware that Satan roams social media platforms in the same manner as the real world. Satan is a busybody. A hacker. A scammer. A liar. A pervert. A pedophile. A con artist. Satan will even appear as a religious individual. God’s messenger. Having said that, some of us need discernment, sixth sense or third eye to sift through information on the various social media platforms. Know what’s true, false, right and wrong. People with ulterior motives are excellent at baiting others, especially the vulnerable. It’s always helpful to safeguard the self. Be on the lookout for certain words, inspirational quotes, Bible verses and chapters. Be careful of what you agree to. Use your Amen wisely. Read the posts as if they are the fine prints in a contract. They hold the terms and conditions and the details. Remember one can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. 


Tah-tah!  Impress yourself, not others.

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2023

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Live, Learn, Earn A Wealth Of Black History

Celebrations come and celebrations go. The venue is the United States of America.

It’s 2023. Another year. Another February. Another full month of Black History. Stories retold. Some are sad. Some joyful. We learn. We unlearn. We sigh. We laugh. We swear. We cuss. We argue. We are humans. We were pissed. We ponder and wonder.  The light bulb the carbon the filament. From Edison to Latimer to others.  Pray tell.  Enlightening.  February ends. What’s next?  The plan is: Continue with Black History. It happens every day all year.

Tah-tah! Do not entertain a closed mind. Learn all you can.

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2023

Thursday, December 29, 2022

The Bug In The Hair Glue

The word bug has a few definitions. 1) A bug is defined as an unexpected defect, fault, flaw, or imperfection. 2) An insect is also referred to as a bug. 3) Bug also means to annoy someone. 4) Stomach virus is also referred to as a bug.


Bug by all its definitions has always lived up to its reputation. It’s bothersome, it destroys, harms and obstructs. The damages are not easily dismissed. Yet there are people who will see the bug as a friend rather than a foe. Someone with a mischievous streak finds it easy to walk into a crowded room and shout “BUG”. The utterance is expected to send people fleeing in fear in all directions as if it were the day of reckoning. 

In the world of creepy crawlies, the sighting of a bug automatically forces some people into silence and freeze mode. It’s also imperative that the eyes adjust to a steady gaze because in that moment of gripping fear the bug is viewed as an enemy. Its intention is to bite or sting and make a quick escape. 

In November 2022, little did I know that as I relaxed at home, I would face the arduous task of eliminating a strange bug lurking in one of the rooms. I had never seen such a creature before and wondered if it was a Noah’s ark moment. It was, black, ill-shaped and had fine legs. Looking down at the object against the tiled floor, I had to make a quick decision. I didn’t want it to escape my view to a hasty retreat in any crevice or corner of the room and then return when I least expect it. I had to defend myself from the creature inasmuch as its face was pointed to the north, not aiming at me. 

The position the object settled in gave me the advantage of having my way with it. There was no time to spare to look for tools to carry out the act, so I raised my left leg and then dropped it forcefully on top of the object, twisting my foot with the hope of pulverizing it. A few seconds later I lifted my foot to see the damage done and to my surprise the object was still intact. Not crushed nor bruised. Enveloped with concern, I reached for a piece of white paper towel, picked it up and looked at it. Its legs and body were healthy. I then asked myself, what kind of creature that small had the ability to survive the crushing weight of my leg and the many twists with my foot. It must be an alien from Mars, I smiled. 

Still holding the object in the piece of paper towel, I took it to my daughter to determine the identity. I opened up the napkin, showed her the contents and asked, “Is this a bug?” 

“Mom”, she said, “are you going blind? It’s hair glue with bits of hair”.  

“No way,” I said and laughed out loud when I remembered how hard I had stomped and twisted the object against the floor. In my recourse to quell the mistaken identity, I told my daughter that God wanted me to exercise my leg and foot.

Tah-tah! Mistaken identity has ruined the lives of many.

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2022