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100 Ways Some Jamaicans Will Say: Friend

The Merriam Webster Dictionary online defines friend:

One attached to another by affection or esteem.


On observation, the word friend by itself lacks strength in the eyes of some Jamaicans. It has to be embellished with the use of other words to bring out its wanted flavor which are at times too descriptive, and explicit. To describe the situation in local term, the island of Jamaica on a daily basis enjoys keeping up almshouse with adjectives. There is no telling of time and place for them to be used. A day hardly goes by in which I haven’t recalled my Jamaican culture or even parts of it that innocently entertains adjectives. Sometimes I am amazed, astonished, joyful, proud, pleased, ashamed, accepting, and happy. I smile, wonder, ponder, lament, and laugh uncontrollably.

I often say to myself that most of what we see and embrace as culture are not document worthy and never were from the beginning. Instead they are idle gestures, bouts of boredom, and a lack of proper discipline and grooming among some of our people. Culture is unique but within a set culture there is bound to be individuality. Interference. Altering. People from all walks of life sometimes joke about things and people which will somehow find way into our various cultures. However, if we listened to some of the jokes we would come to an agreement that they are boldface insults to dismantle, tarnish and destroy,

Jamaicans, myself included, are pinpointed as being jovial by nature because of our ability to quickly overcome adversities in a remarkable manner.  An outsider getting to know us will somehow sense that we do not mean harm when we highlight, introduce or mention about our friends with names other than their given names. The descriptions are used to distinguish relationships within the friend-category. They are also used to set boundaries, and accuracy. More importantly, to keep a person's name private. Doing otherwise could lead to personal confrontations, especially if a conversation entails gossip. By the same token, I will not downplay the fact that most handles, labels, and even nicknames used by some Jamaicans are coarse, vulgar, insensitive, difficult, mean spirited, offensive, hypocritical, and anatomy shaming. 

Having said all of that, I have captured, to the best of my ability, 100 ways some Jamaicans will say: friend. 

  1. Friend    

  2. Good friend 

  3. Bad friend 

  4. A friend of mine 

  5. Sumady friend (someone’s friend)

  6. Facebook friend Social Media friend 

  7. Church friend

  8. School friend 

  9. Pub/Bar friend  

  10. Gambling friend 

  11. Gym friend 

  12. Work friend

  13. Friend from ovah de suh (friend from over there)  

  14. Friend from ovah yasso (friend from over here)

  15. Friend from up the road 

  16. Friend from down the road 

  17. Friend from foreign 

  18. Now and again friend 

  19. Thieving friend 

  20. Beggie-beggie friend (friend who begs all the time)

  21. Friend from country 

  22. Friend from town 

  23. User friend 

  24. Push-up friend (social butterfly friend)

  25. Liad friend (liar friend)

  26. Wicked friend 

  27. Heathen friend 

  28. Christian friend 

  29. Doctor friend 

  30. Nurse friend 

  31. Lawyer friend 

  32. Mechanic friend 

  33. Pilot friend 

  34. Lazy friend 

  35. Sick friend 

  36. Crazy friend 

  37. Mad friend 

  38. Obeah worker friend 

  39. Big mouth friend 

  40. Big head friend 

  41. Mawga friend (meager friend)

  42. Big nose friend 

  43. Gay friend

  44. Lesbian friend

  45. Hard ears friend (stubborn friend)

  46. Joker friend

  47. Follow fashion friend

  48. Fake friend

  49. Bad mind friend

  50. Police friend

  51. Soldier friend

  52. Driver friend

  53. Politician friend

  54. Capital K knee friend (knock knee friend)

  55. Turn foot friend (heels in toes out friend)

  56. Big teeth friend

  57. Stink mouth friend

  58. Bookworm friend

  59. Fifth columnist friend

  60. Fair weather friend

  61. Big ears friend

  62. Farmer friend

  63. Selfish friend

  64. Greedy friend

  65. Big belly friend

  66. Big bottom friend

  67. Narrow bottom friend

  68. Flat bottom friend

  69. Gossip Friend

  70. Dry head friend

  71. Long hair friend

  72. Curly hair friend

  73. Brown skin friend

  74. Black friend

  75. White friend

  76. Indian friend

  77. Chinese friend

  78. Langoo la la friend (lanky friend)

  79. Womanizing friend

  80. Teacher friend

  81. Pastor friend

  82. Samfie friend (tricky friend)

  83. Con artist friend

  84. Busy body friend

  85. Rotten teeth friend

  86. Mash mouth friend (no teeth friend)

  87. Dancy dancy friend (friend who loves to dance)

  88. Man thief friend ( a female relationship wrecker)

  89. Intelligent friend 

  90. Big pumpum friend (big vagina friend)

  91. Big wood friend (big penis friend)

  92. Love fi dweet friend (friend who wants sex often)

  93. Respectable friend

  94. Nice friend

  95. Cobich friend (frugal friend)

  96. Love spend money friend (spendthrift friend)

  97. Ride or die friend (loyal friend)

  98. Bench and batty friend (close friend)

  99. Judas friend (betraying friend)

  100. Peacemaker friend 

Tah-tah! Inasmuch as friends will sometimes disappoint each other,

never give up on having a friend. 

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2024

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