Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poetry On The Run

Dear Readers,

I strongly believe that we are all poets. We write our lines daily through our words, deeds, actions and thoughts.

Peace and love.


Sewing Medley

Dacron cotton silk
Linen tweed calico
Crinoline nylon organza
All in a rush for the big bonanza

Satin polyester wool khaki
Organdy crepe denim
Taffeta velvet velour
What a galore

Chambray chiffon birds-eye
Pique rayon sheer
Twill burlap seersucker
Look at the grand pucker

Smock hemstitch embroidery
Check plaid floral stripe
Dickey lapel cuff
There’s no need to puff

Button fasteners zippers
Hook-and-eye needle scissors
Thread bias binding ribbon lace
Fit them all into the race

Copyright 2004


Free Up The Amenities

Please, excuse me and thank you
Are words we often set aside
It makes the world mighty sad
When we tuck them in our bags
Please, excuse me, and thank you
Remember to select them when we speak

Copyright 2004


Island In The Sun

Take me to the place where the music is irie
Where banjo and rumba box melt your fingers
And where men blow bamboo fife

Take me to the place where dancehall was the craze
And sound system spit music under the rhyming tongues
Of men toasting putting the upscale word DJ to shame

Take me to the place where the hills were the peons’ paradise
And salt fish their T-bone steak

Take me to the place where the people are sensational
Where quadrille is a delicacy
And dialect verses are relish

Take me to the place where creativity is boss
Where boys make handcarts
And drive them like car on city streets
Gaining bobsled credentials

Take me to the place where illegal transportation is called robot
Where urchins hop the fastest moving vehicles
And ride them as the wind poke fist in their shirts

Take me to the place where gambling knows no limit
Where pick-a-pow, drop pan, domino, race horse
Roll dice, poker, three-card
And playing ship sail with roast corn grain
Devour your last dollar your boil dumpling
And send you to the pawnshop day and night

Take me to the place where deep blue water lies in abundance
And mineral water frolic through mountains
Waiting to soothe tired bodies

Take me to the place where the wind
Whispers songs of melody, stroke faces
And heal weary minds

Take me to the place where the food is great
Where ackee and salt fish and roast breadfuit are the main delight
And where porridge without milk is called pop
Take me there, I wanna go there
Sail me there fly me there
Take me to Jamaica the little island in the sun

Copyright 2004


Ode To My Fair Land

What fair land I have seen
Way beyond the brightest beam
Stretching her arms
To the strangers at her doors

What fair land I have known
Many faces, many languages, many cultures
That stirs the charm
Of the gigantic melting pot

What fair land I have loved
Protected by the strength of its stripes and stars
Red, white and blue
No other could have adopted me true

Copyright 2004

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  1. Grace, these poems are so lovely. Thank you so very much for sharing them. Your lyrical prose is actually inspiring.

    Reilly Pruitt