Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Requests and Resolutions

The year 2010 was no doubt filled with many requests, prayers, wishes, and plans. In the name of tradition, at its humble beginning there was the ambition of indulging in a new year’s resolution or if I am obliged let’s say an agreement with oneself. I sifted through a list of those sorts of agreements and found a variety of ambitions: focus on losing weight, engage in physical exercise, be respectful, find a job that pays well, win the lottery, do not harbor malice or grudge, be at work on time, find true romance, go on a cruise, eat healthy, find a place of worship, get rid of negative forces, be kind to the less fortunate, buy a house, buy a car, pay bills on time, speak the truth, find a second job to meet individual needs instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul as described by the old saying, for some the alternative to that would be a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Mama (financially secured person), stop being vindictive, abandon jealous behavior, indulge in poetry, join a book club, get involved in community affairs, laugh a lot, go dancing and the list goes on and on. In the end, how many held true to their agreements or how many have been financially blessed in an abundant manner? The answers will probably be made known or remain a secret.

For one of the readers of this blog, I have discovered that to make a request appears to be her second nature and I am now wondering if she had realized all her ambitions for the year 2010. Given the fact that I am always open to suggestions and criticisms I was rather impressed when she requested that I close the year 2010 with one of my poems. She chose the poem Rinse My Soul which I hurriedly wrote, one morning, as I journeyed to work on the subway. “Why choose this poem?” I asked.

“I like it,” she said. “It’s cleansing. It prepares us for the year 2011.”


Water from the hills, Davy Hole, Roses Valley, Jamaica

Rinse My Soul

Rinse my soul

Ye winds from yonder

Heave my eyes on hills divine

Place my arms on silent rivers

Move my feet to solid ground

Rinse my soul

Ye winds from yonder

Make it light in sweet meander

Awake and see no doubt in it

The bounteous beauty unwrapped

Rinse my soul

Ye winds from yonder

Toss it until all waste is gone

Lift me up and let me rise

My gratitude I give my all

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2009

Tah-tah! Yesteryear’s experiences are the guide for the future. Don’t shun them whether they be good or bad.

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2010

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