Sunday, January 19, 2020

Plan Your Plan And Work Your Plan...2020 vision

A Google search has defined the word plan as: A detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.


One day my younger daughter, at the age of five, idly sat on a stool in the foyer of our abode. My older daughter and I in the meantime were discussing the details of a situation. To our surprise my younger daughter interjected by telling me to follow God’s Plan. You have to follow God’s plan, Mommy, she said, clenching her fist and staring me in the eyes. She was a miniature politician in the moment. I put on a broad smile at her and her matured input and wanted to know where she had heard that statement. The reveal was Sunday School. Damn, my baby is learning at Sunday School, I said to myself.

But what if I don’t want to follow God’s Plan? Every tub must sit on its own bottom is one of my favorite sayings. It also reads like a plan. We are responsible for charting our own course. Here we are in the year 2020 where most people have dubbed it “vision year”. And appropriately so as the number 2020 is associated with the eyes. With such a number in our space, it’s the perfect time to set our sights on something good. Desires. Ambition. Success. Focus on being a better person. Be kind to oneself and others. Lose weight. Gain weight. Travel. Join an exercise class. Become a millionaire or marry one. Buy a new home. Keep fingers crossed with the hope of finding a sincere person with whom to have a sober and healthy relationship. Tackle anything which in the past had seemed far fetched or out of reach.


New Year’s resolutions are expected. It’s a journey, not a fad in my opinion. Participants of New Year’s resolutions project solemnity in the same manner they would assume positions to an office of high calling. Loyal and trustworthy. Or, perhaps their seriousness can be measured against the undertaking of the oath of marriage. To have and to hold. Great testimonials are banked on along the journey or at the end. But amidst high hopes, embosomed resolutions are set to fail for some people. Perhaps a resolution gives a moonbeam effect. It shines bright at first and then begins to fade by the end of the first week of the new year. And by the third month becomes a figment of one's imagination. But hope shouldn’t be lost among the repeat offenders of resolutions. A  plan can be installed anytime.


The street language defines New Year’s resolutions as: same shit different day...just a change in year. In my opinion doing certain tasks requires a strong mindset. And so it is when carrying out resolutions and goals. There must be a plan. A blueprint. There should be precision, focus,   determination and movement for a plan to come to fruition. It requires constant hands on along the way as in operating a standard vehicle, a stick shift. It’s not an automatic and cruise control effort in the case of Plan Your Plan And Work Your Plan...2020 vision.


Should obstacles surface while a plan is in motion, remain confident. Do not be deterred by the noise: violence, greed, hate, racism, ego, arrogance, lackadaisical attitude, liars, doubt, naysayers and political dogma. Move towards your goal.

Tah-tah! Use your 2020 vision to execute your plan.

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2020

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