Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love letters of Yester Year Part II (by the boys)

In Part I of Love Letters of Yester Year the girls emptied their hearts. Now, let’s see what the boys wrote.


Romance District
2 Arms P.O.
June 20, 1961

My Darling Sue,

Once again after leaving your presence my thoughts about you have been confirmed. Heaven has indeed released an angel. You are the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. According to Shakespeare O, spirit of love, how quick and fresh art thou. Sue, meeting you and touching your voluptuous body has been my ultimate desire. I shall not hesitate to say that in due course the proof of the pudding shall be in the eating.

Darling, as I stroll down memory lane, how shall I reward my cousin Jim for introducing us? When I first heard about you, I prayed with all my heart that you would be interested in me and to my greatest delight you proved it at the fair. With my arms outstretched, I stood before you and bowed gently, inviting you to dance with me. Without hesitation you rushed into my waiting arms as the speakers on the sound system bellowed the song If you didn’t need my care… I then became a prisoner of your nearness, your breath stroking my chest. My only recourse was holding you tighter in my arms, whisper I love you in your ear and then search for your hungry lips. I felt your temperature rising against my rock hard body and instantly wished our time together would never end.

Sue, I love you desperately. You are the lily of the valley and the brightest of all stars. I am drawn to you like a bee to a honey comb. Each time we get together we are locked in a tight embrace. I have never felt this way about any other woman. I want you to become mine forever. Please let me prove my love to you. I promise I will be gentle with you, not hurt you. We are now in this relationship for three years and by principle this is not a long time but honey to tell the truth, I can’t help myself. My body is aching for you, sugar. I know you need me just as much as I do. We feel the magic from love when we are in each other arms.

Lately I have been experiencing a lot of headaches because of the love that I have stored up for you and you alone. Besides that, at nights I am awakened from my sleep with dreams about you and to my surprise find stains on my pajamas and bedding which resemble little islands. Dearest, the future is unpredictable so let’s make the most of the time at hand. Please tell me you will meet me at green-pasture motel where the azure sky boasts not a single cloud. Darling, nothing is more precious than the outdoors. It is a God given sanctuary. If I could choose the spot, somewhere safe, it will be in the common next to Master Simeon’s farm and under the pimento tree where the tall grass grows. No one will be able to see us while we lie buried, proving our love. If you agree to this plan, the date will be July 16th at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. I would like you to wear your flare bottom boat-neck red and white polka dot dress which buttons and opens all the way down in the front.

Dearest, please do not disappoint me. I will bring some mangoes and a piece of sweet potato pudding to celebrate our love. One thing I beg of you, please do not let anyone know of our arrangement. They will hide in trees to watch us and then scandal our names around the village. I know that it would be more hurtful for you to be called all kinds of names than it is for me so remember please keep your mouth shut. When the day arrives tell your parents that you will be going to the library to exchange your book. They know that reading is the key to wisdom and knowledge so all should go well.

Please answer quickly. My heart speaks softly its enchanting words of love while my arms wait to receive you.

Your precious love,


Very Important: Do not tell your best friend Nancy anything about our relationship. Single girls have a tendency to begrudge their friends who have boyfriends, especially if the boyfriends seem to be good lovers.

Lingering Lane
Honey Your Lips P.O.
April 9, 1963

My Everlasting Agnes,

First, I must apologize that owing to climatic conditions I was not able to visit you this past weekend. However, I promise that I will make it up to you the next time I see you. The chance of us having a conversation will be nil because I plan to silence you with kisses. Honey, this holiday has been an enjoyable one. Copasetic. Within a week I shall return to my studies at the School of Agriculture, for the betterment of my future. Inasmuch as this is true, I would have rather filled the days with your presence. You will be far away in Pedro Plains studying to become a teacher while I will be in St. Jago de La Vega.

Dearest, at this psychological moment Venus is moving in my sphere and has captured my total being. Hence, my romance chart is high. I am trembling. I wish you were here with me, holding and squeezing me tight. Such sinful sweet taste marred by years of scholastic ambition. For now, I have precious memories of you particularly the time when your sweet voice and smile radiated among the congregation at Sunday church as you sang It is no secret what God can do… I admired your lovely physique which can be likened to numeral 8, your beige hobble dress and the beige pill box hat that adorned your head, crowning you like a queen. I felt the urge to grab you then and ravish you but the sounds of the powerful pipe organ struck, reminding me that I was in the house of the Lord. It’s strange that I should choose this piece from my collection of memories. Maybe it’s a hint from the One above that we should hold our feelings until such time (smile). Honey, if God only knows, it is so hard to do that especially in the company of a beautiful woman like you.

My darling our friendship will be a lasting one. I know this, especially since we both made our parents aware of our closeness and in return received their strong approval. They believe we make a great match and are pleased that our families are in good-standing and know each other well. My uncle Joe always said check breed (check family background) before getting into a relationship. Agnes, it would be a huge disappointment to our parents if our relationship fails. On my part I would have to take flight because your parents warned me to treat you good, not make a fool of you. Of course, deep down in your heart, you and I know that only the best will come from me. I will be with you always. I wouldn’t like to see another man take my place because I have projected erroneous behavior.

You, my darling, possess all the qualities of a good woman. According to my mother you are tidy and you know how to do things…wash, cook, clean and iron. When it comes to my father he said that a woman should be a cook in the kitchen, an intellect in the living room and a whore in the bedroom. I don’t know where he heard this rule, which I find amusing. Regardless of what my parents might say or think, you, my darling Agnes, go beyond all. You are rare, special, intelligent, respectful, and full of humor. Above all you are irresistible. Who would believe that a church-going girl possesses such zest when it comes to love? Only I would my darling. Like in the song Drink to me only…I readily think of our affection for each other like a man in love with his liquor and to prove it he leaves a kiss within his cup as he sups.

Agnes, my precious, please remember that distance is the enemy between us. Do not be deceived by any of those sweet-talking, swivel tongue male in your vicinity. Let them know that you are in love with someone special. Some may try to capture your love by showering you with food, money and jewelry or even a car ride. Don’t stray. Wait. Keep in mind the wise saying… patient man rides donkey.

Honey, I look forward to the day when I shall ask your parents for your hand in marriage. Stay sweet as always.

Your husband in-waiting,



  1. Haha very nice Grace! I like to see the male perspective on these romantic letters! Us Generation "Y"ers can learn thing or two from Milton and Dunsont wooing the ladies. These days it would be in the form of a text message and would read "want 2 C U soon send pic." There's no comparison!

  2. The baby boomer boys had lyrics, no doubt about that.

  3. The art of letter writng is is taking over. The old times sounded like fun. Did you keep any of those letters.

  4. rollicking read, Grace. You've captured romance here, that one fears might no longer be around given the fast paced world we now inhabit....boy for the old days when there was some amount of sensitivity but I suppose such men would either be all dead, married or in a museum somewhere LOL. That said, cheating is eternal if Mr Milton's clever last words are anything to go by.

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