Monday, April 30, 2012

Here's to Jamaica's 50th

On August 6, 2012 the island of Jamaica will officially mark 50 years since it gained independence from Britain.  My wish is that Jamaica will continue to grow in wisdom, strength, understanding and love.  Onward you go Jamaica. My love for you is unconditional.  You have taught me well.  Here’s to you from my counter of expressions.  Cheers!

Jamaica Hab Nuff Sense (Jamaica Has Sense)

I see sand rocks the ocean the river
Jamaica ah waan mello place (Jamaica is a beautiful island)

Cone shaped mountains
Round mountains valleys gullies
Jamaica hab nuff up ah dung (Jamaica experiences success and failure)

Bauxite waste seeping to its red river
Markets the farmers meeting place
Jamaica mix up lacka mash callalloo (Jamaicans are assertive)

Shacks mansions faith houses
Ah suh Jamaica ress (Jamaica loves to show and tell)

The unruly the great the ill the happy
Jamaica hab good ah bad (Jamaica has obedient and disobedient citizens)

The school where rote was my first love
Children holding hands
The spot where innocence was robbed
Whitewashed mounds of loved ones
Jamaica wi mek yuh siddung wid yuh han ah yuh jaw (Jamaica is constantly analyzing situations)

Naked feet against trodden path
A crooked road touched by the swift visit of a mongoose
A meager dog walking aimlessly
A cat pulling the towel from covered food
A lizard romancing the walls of my house
Ah suh Jamaica luv tek risk (Jamaica is brave)

A rat dashing through a cane field
A rooster chasing a hen
A pig rolling in mud
A fowl scratching the earth

Jamaica full ah nuff fun (Jamaica has lots of entertainment)

People conversing
A cockroach approaching
Trus mi Jamaica show up when yuh least expect it (Jamaica’s presence is universal)

The sun in recess
The moon spreads its face
Stars huddle against the dark sky
Jamaica ah waan romantic island (Jamaica sets the tone for romance)

Handcarts the bobsled fancy
Robots the transportation champions
Dreadlocks-do the crowning glory
Coffee the Blue Mountain queen
Escovitch fish
Drums filled with billowing smoke
The home of Jerk cuisine
The legacies again and again
Yes!  Jamaica name gaan ah brawd (Yes! Jamaican culture is everywhere)

I hear the tantalizing reggae beat
The electric slide song the anthem of the dance
Bway! Jamaica lickle but it tallawah (Yes! Jamaica is a tiny island yet so great)

The deafening bray of a donkey
The snickering neigh of a horse
Jamaica tek gossip causen seh if it nuh goh suh it near goh suh (Jamaica listens. It doesn’t take anything for granted)

I see the go-go dance of the lightning
I hear the applause from the thunder
I feel the wind whistle against my ear
The rain hitting me again and again
Jamaica will tek any beaten (Jamaica is a survivor)

I smell a careless fume of forbidden grass
I feel the hot and cold spring waking my lazy bones
The healing from the land
Jamaica wi put back life enah yuh (Jamaica revives and gives hope to the weary)

I hear serve me one round of Appleton
Red stripe… whites… dragon… aerated water
One cup of fish tea manish water
Cow cod soup
Mh! Jamaica food ah bevrige wi mek yuh dip ah fall back (Yes! Jamaica’s foods and beverages boost spunk)

I taste one serve-mi-lang
I hear one sky juice
I taste one toto

I hear no problem man
I taste one suck-suck
I hear irie
I taste one busta
I hear mine yuh jawbone
I see side walk transformed into bend-down plaza
I hear cool runnings
I see hottie hottie
I hear cuh de
Man!  Jamaica unique noh paradise plum (Wow! Jamaica is unique like its paradise plum candy)

I taste the ackee fruit decorated with saltfish
I smell the lignum vitae flower
I touch a mahoe tree
I see a doctor bird
I see a flag of black, green and gold
I hear out of many one people
I hear Eternal Father Bless our Land
Tenk Gad fi mi Jamaica (Thank God for Jamaica)

Copyright © 2006 Grace Dunkley-Asphall

Tah-tah!  Don’t curse whey yuh come fram.  Curse whey yuh a goh.  (Don’t curse from whence you came. Curse the road ahead).

Copyright © 2012 Grace Dunkley-Asphall

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