Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grand Central

Each day that I make my trek through Grand Central Station, 42nd Street in New York, I cannot help but remind myself of the days when this landmark was far from what it is now, before its massive renovation.  It is a melting pot; a city in itself where thousands of people filter in and out every day.  Trains come in and out of this station and most of all it is a social meeting place for those on the run.  To the younger people who have no idea what Grand Central Station was like before: here’s to you and others, a poem for the good old times.

It’s Old Time Grand Central

Run, walk
Crawl, bump
Chat, yell
Music here
A song there
Confusion in full gear

Panhandlers, pickpockets
Bench-sleepers, carton-sleepers
Bags here
Suitcases there
Tenement scene on the run

Off-Track Betting
Customers waiting
Minimum two dollars to handicap
Here! Slap mine too

Listeners, passersby
Flashers, fashion-highlights
Kissing here
Romancing there
It’s old time grand central ball

     Copyright ã 1987 Grace Margaret Dunkley

Tah-tah!    Explore the past in your community.

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2013


  1. I heard this was read at a class at NYU! Congratulations!

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