Saturday, December 30, 2023

How You Wear Your Lipstick Is Your Own Personal Preference

A Google search on the definition of lipstick is: Colored cosmetics applied to the lips from a small solid stick.


There are many shades of lipstick, some of which are with the pastels and darker groups. However, none is quite as popular and controversial as red.  And it doesn’t matter if it’s cherry red, wine red, apple red, burgundy red, brick red, or red red, the fact remains that red is the most smooched and smacked.

Secret despise for lipstick

In everything promising, there can be dislikes, like and love. Or, even setbacks and disappointments. There are definitely some ladies who are not fond of lipsticks. Some see lipstick wearing as ungodly, secular, seductive and vulgar. On the other hand some men despise lipstick for what they see as a good reason. And it’s not that they are God fearing. They are mostly the cheaters and adulterers in society. Because on close contact with a wearer, lipstick stains can be telling.

Lip size, shape, and cupid’s bow

Some lips are thin, some are full, and some are pursed. Observing all the lips, there are some that are full on the bottom and none showing on the top. Nevertheless, lipsticks of all shades are applied to those lips by lovers of lipstick. A toothy smile will at times reveal that a touch of lipstick goes beyond the lips.

The people with a pronounced cupid’s bow sometimes ignore the details when applying their lipsticks. One straight line from one corner of the lip to the next is all that matters.  No highlighting of curves and dips. 

Lipstick enhances beauty

For some people, lipstick is the sole and perfect cosmetic or makeup to enhance beauty. Lipstick is the sun of the face. It grabs attention. 

Various ways to wear lipstick

A person has a right to choose. And the lipstick wearer is no different. They are free to wear their lipsticks anyhow, anytime, anywhere.  The lips have been a canvas for eons. These days the methodical applications of the lipstick seem to be chasing a path with technology. Some people have become creative and are wearing lipsticks to present a checkered look. Some people section their lips and apply different shades of lipsticks.  Any fashion or style that floats their boat is welcome and amazing. 

Lipstick on the bottom lip only

More baby boomers are staying away from the old and popular belief that it's classy to apply lipstick to the bottom lip only. This long time hand-me-down rule must have been instituted by the female tea drinkers who wore pillbox hats, and lace or satin gloves to garden parties.  Especially the ones who drank from their cups with the pinkies sticking out. LOL. It's a hearty laugh from me. Having freed myself from such a rule is rewarding. I have two lips, one mouth, and I am all about plastering my two lips with some hot red lipstick, my favorite among all the other colors.

So, how are you wearing your lipstick? 

Tah-tah!  The choice is yours. 

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2023

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