Sunday, March 31, 2024

Get To The Point. No Dilly-Dally.

A quick Google search to find the meaning of the word point led to the Merriam Webster Dictionary. Here are a few definitions: an individual detail, a distinguishing detail, the most important essential in a discussion or matter, an end or object to be achieved, a particular place.


Technology is on the move. It’s here to bamboozle and trick the devil out of us. We now find ourselves in a world where information is easily accessible, and where people are left to research things for themselves. Having fewer and shorter conversations with real people. 

There is a trend which has caught on in this world of confusion, learning and unlearning. People are  direct and deliberate in sharing words and sentences in the shortest time and manner. They abbreviate almost everything that they care to share or say: LOL, OMG, WTF, BFF, LMAO, YOLO, IRL, DWL, and many more. Some of us will struggle with their meanings while others find them to be a breeze. Easy!

In days gone by a visit by a family friend or relatives, led to conversations that were engaging and interesting. They were never eager to end the conversations. Conversations had a right to run their course even as one topic led to the next. Talkative people were never referred to as long winded. As a matter of fact to some of us they were viewed as intelligent, and had the gift of gaining the attention of their audiences. We were keen on hearing all details even if it required two days to do so.

Fast forward to today, everything has become microwave or minimal. Products have become mediocre and are of poor quality. Listening to the details of a conversation has become difficult. Some people are easily bored by details and explanations. They yawn often and twist and turn their bodies, becoming fidgety and nonparticipating. While it remains the right of a human to receive contents in whatever way or however little they want, the behavior, to some people, is no doubt viewed as disrespectful.

It’s the twenty-first century and each day as the years go by, I have observed that most people are more interested in the beginning and climax of a conversation than the middle. Busy people, especially, who fancy the statement “time is money”, would rather have an individual get to the point as fast as they can, in any matter or conversations. It is with hope that busy people will figure out the details, which can be of ultimate importance.

Tah-tah!  Keep conversations short, and to the point. 

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2024