Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Diet: The Word On Menu In A Silly Piece

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”. - Francois de la Rochefoucauld 


Believe it or not, words are also a part of our daily diet. Words have the ability to cast sickness, worry, fear, joy, comfort, confidence and laughter. Knowing the words that alter our moods are as imperative as the foods we eat for our wellbeing. Our integrity is guarded by the words we use. We pick and choose words to give a good impression of ourselves when we seek favor or employment. And just like a poor diet, there are words that can destroy us. But interestingly, the same words that are set to destroy can be used for good because it depends on how we prepare them. How we say them and the tone in which we speak. Words are seasonings. They dispel flavor and aroma. 

NEW WORDS: To embrace new words is just as exciting and mind boggling as dining at a restaurant where the cuisine is culturally different. It is with hope that as the server takes the order, the chef will prepare the meal right. Not too bland, neither too much salt or pepper. No seeds. No nuts. No MSG! And no to the sparkling powder seasonings in fancy bottles and cans. The elders from the past would have labeled them glistening glass. Toxic like some words that leave our mouths each day. Adding to that, there are times when the natural spices and seasonings interfere with the digestive system, causing all kinds of  uncomfortable feelings and complications. Hence, one can only imagine the damage the altered seasonings and spices are capable of doing when foods are prepared with them. 

Overall, a dining experience should be a good one, whether at home or abroad. Likewise, are the words we embrace; from the tiniest to the biggest. Choose and speak wisely. And when words are difficult to pronounce, say them slowly. Be careful not to let them get stuck in your throat because you are afraid that someone will laugh and ridicule you because of mispronunciation. Having said that, get your silly streak together and look at the menu below from Choose-Words Restaurant©. 

Choose-Words Restaurant

Open 24 Hours Sunday - Saturday 

Welcome to the Choose-Words Restaurant where the words are diverse. Our skilled and qualified staff are excited to serve you the words of your choice. We are aware of the fact that there are people with dietary restrictions and allergies. We will do everything in our power to listen as you place your orders. Our duty is to serve and satisfy our customers. We hope that your dining experience will be good and an exemplary one. Thanks for your patronage! Please come again! 


Serving Sizes: Full (F), Half (H), Double (D)




4.Spirit Tek…F (Jamaican special.)



7.Hate…Not available

8.Anger…Not available


10.War…Not available

11.Freedom of speech…D

12.Politicians…Recall on fib (highly contagious ingredient). 

13.Sex…Out of season






19.Prayer…D (fresh caught) 





24.Blood Claat…Ingredients from Jamaica are still in limbo at customs.

25.Suk yuh maddah…Not available (Jamaican Acid reflux builder). 

26.Rass… All serving sizes are available: F, H, D. (Famous Jamaican sweet and sour)

Tah-tah! A proper diet breeds a healthy mind

Grace Dunkley-Asphall, Copyright © 2022

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